We strive to develop a community-based organization guided on four core values, Order, Integrity, Excellence and Family. Here at The Ithiel Group we are committed to promoting overall wellness for adults with mental health diagnoses through shared living facilities, known as Harrison House.  We also provide in-home mental health support services through Community Mental Health Services.  Our programs focus on enhancing stability in the community, fostering independence, and maintaining the health of our clients.


The name Ithiel, meaning God with me, reflects our faith inspired mission to support our community through mental health services.  We are proud of our client-centered approach, as we tailor our services to meet the needs of each client.


Browse our website to learn more about our services and mental  health. We look

forward to connecting with you to continue to empower our community.


-Kevin White, Founder, CEO


Ithiel Group Core Values

ORDER is the structure that maintains our team and stabilizes the organization for continued development.


• We operate according to our fundamental moral obligation to serve our community and empowering others to realize their full potential.

• We are responsible to our clients and governing bodies, by maintaining compliance with all laws, regulations and policies.

• We are committed to professionalism in all that we do, which requires discipline, leadership, and vision.

INTEGRITY is the foundation of our honest individual and corporate conduct that drives a professional organization of which we are very proud.


• We are ethically unyielding, honest, and respectful in our actions.

• We are responsible to our community by being committed to the health and safety of all people.

• We safeguard the trust of our clients and community by matching our practices to our words, honoring our commitments, and being accountable for our actions.


EXCELLENCE is the pursuit of the highest quality of client and community service.


• We strive to advance our services through innovative training and comprehensive team development.

• We continue to develop our own knowledge of mental health services and the needs of our community.

• We develop creative strategies to improve based on corporate assessments and client feedback.


FAMILY is the culture that emerges when a team of people is united with a similar purpose and mutual respect.


• We strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment for expression of ideas.

• We build productive and long lasting relationships with our clients and parters.

• We honor the relationships with our clients and their families.


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