Thank you for taking a moment to read my thoughts. I am Dr. Takisha Robinson, a purpose driven woman committed to serving my community and living the will of God. This blog is written to help empower us all to become more aware and make smart decisions around our health, in particular our mental health. In life make sure that you enjoy, educate, and empower!

Dr. Takisha Robinson


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Mental Health Matters


Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

-Martin Luther King Jr.

  • You are what you think?             June 2014

    Have you ever been bored or in a bad mood, and then think of something funny someone said and before you know it you are smiling and laughing again? Our minds are complex and powerful; they have to be since they tell the rest of our body how to work! But more than that our minds control our emotions, which influence our behaviors. We are what we are thinking about.


    That is mental health- awareness of and control over your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Many factors can affect to your mental health and lead to illness, such as genetics and brain chemistry. Family history and life experiences, such as abuse, can also influence your mental health. Many people recover completely from mental problems, so mental health is possible.

  • 2 Truths and a Lie                       June 2014

    Sometimes people steer away from conversations about mental illness for many reasons; some think that it is incurable and others think it is a sign of weakness. Either way, many people avoid talking about mental health to protect themselves or others. Let’s expose the truth in mental health and combat the myths that silence us.


    LIE:  Mental health doesn’t affect me, just a few sad or crazy people.

    TRUTH: About 20% (one in five) of Americans have a mental health issue in 2011 and one in 20 people had a serious mental health condition such as major depression or bipolar disorder.

    TRUTH: More than 38,000 deaths in America each year are due to suicide each year, which is more than double the number of deaths by homicides.


    Mental health affects many of us altering the way we live and sometimes leading to premature death. Even if you are not diagnosed with a mental health disorder, you probably know someone who is, so let your awareness make you sensitive, not silent.


  • Empower Mentality Rx               June 2014

    Scheduled Daily: Maintain for mental and overall wellness by: positive thinking, connecting with others, practicing forgiveness and developing coping skills.


    Use As Needed: Get help from professionals who can guide you through your recovery. If you had a skin rash, you would go to the dermatologist, right? Mental health professionals are specialists that can help you maintain your mental fitness.



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